Van Gogh Shadow

Tempo: 03`06″. Trabalho realizado por Luca Agnani com as obras de Van Gogh usando técnicas 3d, visual mapping e digital lighting.

Obras de Van Gogh utilizadas:

1. Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries
2. Langlois Bridge at Arles, The
3. Farmhouse in Provence
4. White House at Night, The
5. Still Life
6. Evening The Watch (after Millet)
7. View of Saintes-Maries
8. Bedroom
9. Factories at Asnieres Seen
10. White House at Night, The
11. Restaurant
12. First Steps (after Millet)
13. Self-Portrait

Music: Experience – Ludovico Einaudi





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