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Nominated for the Visual Music Award 2014!

Tempsick vs Daniel von Rüdiger is a cooperation with the dancer: Piotr Temps Marciszewski.

The video is part of a research about visual rhythm and music. Every style and technique of the dance which is presented, visualize and interpret different sounds, rhythms and melodies of the song. Tempsick spent most of his life in Gdansk where the historical Stocznia Gdanska – shipyard is located. The atmosphere of the shipyard, industrial sounds and the sea had a huge influence on his movement, character and dance. On the video Tempsick vs Daniel von Rüdiger he presents Street Dance Styles: Popping, Boppin’, Waving, Snaking, Robot, Ticking, Animation, Strobing, Slow mo, Boogaloo. Many people nowadays call this dance a ”dubstep dance”, but this dance was created 40-50 years ago and it comes from the Funk and Soul Culture.

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Tempsick: dancing show, performance, painting, graphic design, visual art:

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